Business Allusions
nike-logo.jpgNike is a shoe company. Nike was a mythological person with wings.
01_amazon-dot-com.jpg Amazon is a book store online.

msu_atlas_logo.gifA travel agency. The titan who was left with the job of holding up the world.

Nyx Cosmetics
NYX-Logo.jpgNyx was the goddess of night in cherokee mythology
Pandora Jewelry
carats-pandora.jpgPandora was the first woman
Saturn automobile Corp.
saturn-auto-parts-3.jpgRoman god of agriculture.

Midas Muffler and Breaks
imagesCAXOBD01.jpgthe man who turned everything he touched into gold.

Dove Soap
dove_soap.jpg The dove is Aphrodite's symbol

Actaeon Films
ImageHandler.pngA greek hero.

Aetna-health-insurance-premium-complaint.jpg Refers to Athena the goddess of wisdom
Apollo Studios
logo_apollo_21_studios_new____mcdz.jpgApollo the god of light and music
Minerva Oil Co.
Nyx Clubgreek-olive-oil-minerva-3l-s.jpgMinerva gave three humans an olive tree.
Logo_Natal_NyxClub_rez.jpg The goddess of night

Odyssey Travel
ody the story of Odysseus

Trident Gum
trident_gum_picture.jpgthe symbol of Poseidon
Trojan Records
trojan20l20copy.gif the trojan war. the Giant wooden horse used to win the war.

hercules.jpg Greek hero and son of Zeus

Hydra Software
hydra.jpgSea serpent with nine heads
Atlas Games
atlas_games.jpg Atlas the titan who was stuck holding up the world
Ares Lighting
Ares the god of war