Artistic Allusions
Minotaur Watching A Sleeping Girl by Pablo Picasso
art_1.jpg The minotuar is a creature from a woman and a bull. The woman was married to the king of Crete. The king Minos prayed to Poseidon for a sign that he was meant to rule Crete. Poseidon sent him a white bull. Minos was suposed to sacrifies the bull, but instead kept it for himself. When Poseidon found out he made Minos's wife fall in love with the bull. His wife and the bull had a creature child called the Minotaur.
Zeus by Lean Karpinsky
186_1.jpgZeus was the god of everything. Including the other gods.
Sandro Botticelli Pallas and the Centaur
Pallas-and-the-Centaur.jpgCentaurs are children of Ixoin and a cloud.
Perseus and Andromeda by Peter Paul Rubens
perseus_and_andromeda_by_peter_paul.jpg Perseus is the son of Zeus and Danae. He was a Greek Hero who killed Medusa.
Head of Medusa By Peter Paul Rubens
Head-Of-Medusa.jpg Medusa was one of the three Gorgons. Before she was cursed she was very beautiful. One day she was worshiping Athena in her temple and Poseidon saw her and raped her. Athena was angry and turned Medusa's beautiful hair into snakes and cursed her with the power of turning people into stone when they looked at her.